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9 Tips for the Active & Aging

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Last weekend, I attended Optima, the National Academy of Sports Medicine's annual conference. I came away energized and motivated both professionally and personally. I am 100% embracing the labels of Active & Aging.

I want to share key take-aways on nutrition and fitness for the Boomers, GenXers and Millennials, who already have some exercise in your life.

Boomers, you were the first generation to really grow up with regular exercise. You brought us Jazzercise, health clubs and powerwalking. You have a much different view point of an active lifestyle than your parents and you've been a role model for active & aging. Us GenXers may be in the period of life where exercise stops or slows down, especially muscle building activity. We've gotten busy with kids or careers and finding time is hard! And, you Millennials are officially entering the aging game...the perfect time to be setting the stage for life-long activity and healthy aging.