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Owner and coach Jenn Swaim
Owner and coach Jenn Swaim at home in garden
Owner and Coach Jenn Swaim enjoying the outdoors

Helping You Invest in Yourself

- fitness for a healthy, happy life well-lived-

Hey!  I am Jenn.  Owner of LIFT - Life Integrated Fitness Training and a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  I'm a laugher-loving mom of two and wife to a wonderful man with whom I can work and play.  Our lives are filled with animals, sports and the enjoyment (aka work) of maintaining #friesenfarm.  But as they on the farm wasn't always that way.


For 20 plus years, I worked in the private sector, dedicating myself to improve workplace safety and health across the globe.  I traveled  a lot.  I thought about my job and my responsibilities night and day.   When I was home, my early morning workouts literally helped me survive - giving me energy and relief from the stress I was ignoring because I loved my role and team.  In 2019, my son turned 10, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary and all of a sudden the weight of what I was missing and how quickly life was passing, slammed down on me.  I up and quit.  I had been attempting to "have it all"  and be there for everyone nearly 24/7.  I can look back now and see how badly I needed to balance things out.  I really could have used someone to help me see that my own well-being deserved attention.


To heal, I focused on fitness, nutrition, sleep and fresh air. They are a  source of strength, power, replenishment and reward.  They give balance, energy and make us better equipped to face the challenges and savor the  joys of life.  They elevate and enable our best lives and provide a path to our best selves.  Fitness for me has been a necessary part of my transformation, not the outside, but on the inside.


It is through my journey that I decided I want to help women invest in themselves.  To be the encouragement, the resource,  the collaborative coach for women of all ages.   Fitness has a place in all seasons of our lives.  We deserve it now, not later or only when we were younger.  I believe fitness not for how we look but how we feel.

The coaching I provide improves people's lives.  It teaches you how to be healthy, strong and balanced so that you can live your best life.,  a life where you say YES to the activities and people you love.

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About LIFT Community


Melinda Gates in her book Moment of Lift  reminds us so beautifully that "when you lift women up, you lift humanity." 

Healthy outcomes for ALL women is important to LIFT. 

We recognize that for many, resources limit their ability to access fitness and nutrition services. 


We give a portion of all revenue to organizations that work to  support and empower women.    We also set aside a percentage of our time for free services. 

Know a woman who could use a LIFT? 

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