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Create a Fitness Habit for Life

Private virtual training is perfect for women who desire the convenience and privacy of a workout at home but want the accountability and structure that comes along with a coach.    Here some of the benefits of working with me virtually:

  • You save time.  No need to drive to the gym or a class.  It becomes easier to stay committed and consistent.

  • Programs are personalized for your body, level of fitness and equipment. 

  • We're in this together, every session.  Slept bad?  Feeling like you just can't today? When you show up, we work together to adjust our plan so that you leave feeling better than when you arrived and you're proud you've kept a commitment to yourself.

  • The workout plans are yours to keep.  You learn how to workout on your own and always have a plan.

  • Sessions are $45 per session and each session last 35-60 minutes depending on your goals & schedule.  First time clients must book at least 4 sessions.  Payment accepted via Venmo or Zelle.

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Early Bird Coaching

If you prefer to workout in a gym environment, I also provide personal training, senior fitness classes and small group strength training in Snohomish, WA as a member of the Early Bird Coaching Staff.  Fees and scheduling through Early Bird Coaching.

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Parkinson's Wellness Place

I am a Rock Steady Boxing and PWR! Moves Instructor at Parkinson's Wellness Place in Snohomish, WA.   They are a non-profit dedicated to providing health and wellness services for people living with Parkinson's Disease, their families and care partners. 

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Create Your Best Life Right Now & In The Years to Come

What's Your Why?

Call it fitness, exercise, working out, or physical activity, MOVEMENT benefits every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional health.    Here are some of the reason's my clients schedule with me:

  • Close friends  with similar goals and lifestyles can't find the time to get together?  Semi-private sessions allow them to stay connected and healthy.

  • To increase mobility and strength for activities of daily living.

  • Strengthen core musculature to reduce back pain and chiropractic visits.

  • Learn about movement patterns and exercises that make movement easier.

  • Mental health.  Working out hard and just following instructions helps to reduce stress and quiet them mind.

  • Finding new ways to support the body through the menopause transition.

  • Get ready for ski season.

  • Help re-establish a regular fitness routine.

  • To become more confident in balance and movement in day to day activities.

  • To move three times per week.

  • To stay young - mentally and physically  - using it so they don't lose it.

Semi private training

What Does Virtual Personal Training Look Like?


During your free consultation, you help me understand your health & fitness journey and goals.

I want to know what motivates you and inspires you.

I will explain my philosophy, pricing and will create a proposal.

We'll find out if we are a good fit.

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 1) Sign the waiver and complete the 

Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (both available online here for site members);

2) New client assessments - postural assessments to

ensure a safe and effective workout and personalized flexibility and mobility recommendations;

3) Confirmation of schedules and check-ins;

4) Discuss how to measure progress

5) You'll get a link to a shared 

drive where you workouts will be posted.

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This is where the fun begins.  Workouts are circuit based and we're doing them together.  Yep, that's right I am not on the other side of the camera just watching.  I am doing it with you AND having you make adjustments for proper form.

 Most often, we will repeat a workout several times to learn the patterns and make progressions.   This will depend on the goal, as well as workout frequency & duration. 

Re-assessment & celebration as we track your progress 

The workouts are yours to keep

What is a LIFT Workout
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