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Keep It Simple Strength Training

If you are new to strength training or getting back into a routine on your own, keeping your resistance workout simple means you'll get it done with confidence. I like focusing on just a few key moves and here's why:

  • I want proper form over repetitions or weight. Understanding how to do these safely reduces the likelihood of pain or injury later on.

  • I want to maximize motivation. Each time we complete the workout, we feel good about what we have done, we feel accomplished and that leads to excitement about the next workout. So in the beginning I want to leverage that good feeling by having shorter duration workouts that I can confidently fit in my schedule. I want lots of wins.

I call this my KISS method - Keep It Simple Strength workout. 6 focus areas, 7 exercises and a full body workout.

This is the workout I used when I started strength training again after my C-sections.

This is the workout I used in hotel rooms when I was traveling 20-50% of my time for work.

Even today, this KISS workout is my back-up plan when my day takes an unexpected detour and the time I intended to workout has evaporated. Rather than feel defeated, I pull this out, get it done and put check in the WIN box.

I want you to have lots and lots of wins too! Download a pdf of the workout and start your winning streak this week!

Kiss Workout Feb 24
Download PDF • 1.12MB

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