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“How do you stay consistent with your workouts?” asked my friend the other day. “I just can’t seem to fit them in, so many things seem to get in the way. Work is busy, the kids are busy, the schedule feels chaotic, my to do list keeps growing, and I de-prioritze my workout a lot of the time.” She sighed.

Can you relate to that feeling? Me too. When I worked in my global corporate role, it was a rare blessing to have 2 days in a row, let alone a week that smelled anything like a routine. Now, even though I work for myself, the challenge is no less. The school/summer schedule, sport seasons, doctor’s appointments and keep both my client’s and my own schedule in flux.

It isn’t willpower, superpowers or magic that makes consistency possible. It’s mindset, one that comes out of having an internal locus of control, or a belief that what we get/achieve in life is a result of our actions rather than our environment or circumstances out of our personal control.