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LIFT - Life Integrated Fitness Training, LLC 

Our bodies are the gate-keepers to exploration, independence and energy.

 They are not intended to look a specific way or be a replication of anyone else, but rather to be the vessel by which we're able to fulfill our dreams and goals.  Your 'perfect body' is a body that allows you move in the world in the way you want to, to live the life you want to live and say "YES" to opportunities that inspire and appeal to you.


My programs allow you to become confident that your body will carry and support you, with less pain, limitation or restriction.   

Personalized virtual services using the equipment you have and the time you can make equals training integrated into your real life.  That is living your best life on your terms.

Fit Woman

Private Virtual Coaching

Virtual personal training is a  customized, individual training for women who want to establish a fitness habit for life from their living space.

Assessments, progress tracking, check-in's and workouts together and on your own are included in your session packages

Or set up semi private training for you and a long distance friend.  It's an opportunity to have fun and meet your goals.

Working Out at Home

In Person


For individuals looking for an in gym experience, I provide personal training and group fitness classes with Early Bird Coaching (aka the  Snohomish Fitness Center).

Build your own fitness plan with my free Aging Well Workout Planner, the must have fitness planner for women 40 and beyond.


I providing coaching, support and tools to help you create a life well-lived.


A life well-lived means different things to each of us. For me and my clients, it means the ability to enjoy the activities we love with the people we love. 


While the "what" or "when" or "how" we workout may change over our lifetime, exercise has a place in every season.  Don't let your body hold you back from enjoying the activities or people who matter to you. 

Woman doing an elbow plank

"The work Jenn does builds confidence. She teaches you how to set realistic goals and you can feel good knowing that no matter how much time you have, you can make progress toward those goals every day."


Jenn Swaim Fitness Coach

Hey  I'm Jenn.

My mission is to help women of all ages enjoy more freedom by reducing their physical limitations, constraints and pain. 

  Our body is the engine behind movement.  Movement is freedom and independence.  Movement allows us to take in nature and have new experiences.  Movement lets us hug tightly, cheer each other on and sway to the music.  All women deserve a strong, healthy body that lets them move in the world the way they want to. 


I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and corrective exercise specialist.  I also hold certifications as a Rock Steady Boxing Coach and PWR!Moves Certified Instructor and provide Parkinson-specific exercise classes through the Parkinson's Wellness Place in Snohomish, WA.


Thanks for your message! I'll respond shortly. 

LIFT - Jenn Swaim

Snohomish, WA 98296

Tel: 425-749-6753

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