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This phrase has been running through my mind all month. It's popped in there every time I have read an article, been tagged with ads in social media, or seen a commercial that wants to sell me the best way to solve my health, wellness, weight, or fitness problem. Almost always the seller or testimonial presents the "one thing" "one diet" "one program" that will change the game for me. The right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, the never and always solutions. I am taking a stand against that idea. I am giving myself permission to experiment.

To me, permission to experiment is a freedom from fear of choosing the right or wrong program or way to eat. It is about being comfortable with discovering what fits best for me, right now. It's freedom to try things out and observe what happens. And if the results don't match the prediction, freedom to label the experience as an experiment rather than a failure. It's freedom to customize and modify, to ebb and flow. Experimenting is an active process that I control. Experimenting is iterative and essential growth.